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this is part 2.

I sat there at the dining table looking out the window panes. It has been rather crazy the past few hours.
There i was fighting to the death along with my men in Berlin. One of my men fell as he tried to keep up with us. For that whole day we were fighting just to survive. We knew we lost the war so we were just simply trying to survive long enough till we found French or Canadian troops so we could surrender to them. We knew that we could never surrender to the Americans or the Russians, especially the Russians.

I went to go help the man up but once i reached him i heard the dread high pitched whistle.


i turned and saw my brother screaming at me, trying to run to me, to save me if possible. I closed my eyes waiting for impact, but when i opened them i was in a different place. No longer was i surrounded by the crumbling walls of my city, dear lord i was in hell.

"Bloody hell!"

My ears perked up when i heard someone yelling in English. I looked and there was an English man. Before i could do anything my arms could no longer move.
Then he took me some where and that's when i met ___ and the others. It was strange they all seemed so weak, but after i knocked the Brit to the ground, the look she gave me. It ran shivers down my spine.

now here i was drinking a cup of coffee waiting for the 3 of them to get back.

"Luddy we're home!"

I looked over to the door only to see the 3 of them trudging into the house with tons og bags?
It was so strange to see them. Never have a ever seen a woman wear such masculine clothes. Like seriously? ripped pants, combat boots, black kinda baggy shirt with some weird design on it, then a leather jacket with a scarf. Completely different from the women of my time with there modest dresses, fixed hair, heels. What has the world come too?

Then there was those other 2. They were really tiny and weak. They wore such sloppy clothes. Men should be wearing suits or at least a pair of slacks, button up shoes, and dress shoes. Yet here they are, far from that. How distasteful and sloppy.

"Well we got you some clothes Luddy."

I just looked at the woman and rose my eyebrow. Please tell me all those bags are not full of clothes?


"Well you cant go trudging around in Matthias' close 24/7 and your certainly not going to march around in that uniform."

I flinched when she mentioned my uniform. All i really wanted was my country be brought back to its original glory. Now a days...they labeled us as monsters and devils. I read some of ____'s books and i couldnt stomach it. Did we really do all of that to all those people?

"Anyways, we tried to figure out what you would like. I tried to get some jeans for you, we guessed your shoe size and we got you some T-shirts. Also we got you some button up shirts and dress pants and dress shoes. i had to think about my grandpa on what to get you  but i hope it works alright. Also we got you some blankets and other necessities like towels, tooth brush, hair stuff, underwear socks, all that stuff."

I looked at her and placed down my coffee.


"Oh its perfectly fine. Also we are going to clean out the spare room and take out all the storage stuff. A mattress should be here soon for you and the head board. We also got you a desk and i got some books you might like and all that jazz."

I just looked at her and could feel the tears start to well up. After how long of constant fighting? the only comfort i found was that of my brother. We barely had enough food or clean drinking water for months. All of my friends and soldiers were being killed all around me. Yet here i am being treated so generously.

"Hey Luddy whats wrong."

I looked up only to see her beautiful (_) eyes looking at me. Her eyebrows were knitted together with worry. Once her gentle fingure tips touched my face, the tears finally fell.

"After all mein country stood for, after all i did. i dont deserve sis. i dont deserve such kindness."

My shoulders shook as the tears fell down. I was no longer the strong prideful man that i used to be, the war broke me with all its horrifying scenes.

"Non sense."

I jumped when i felt her arms wrap around me tightly as she pattered my head.

"Everyone deserves kindness whether we receive it or not. besides your in the 21 century now. and kindness is just burned into my blood. Also your living here now, we cant have you sleeping on the couch forever."

I watched as she gave me a warm smile and wiped my tears away. Soon she stood up again and walked over to the bags.

"Here you go Ludwig-san."

I turned to see Kiku handing me some food as Felinciano sat down with his plate.


"Your welcome."

"~ve~ you-a dont have to be-a so polite Ludwig. Your-a staying here-a now. Your-a family now!"

i looked at the Italian and couldnt help but smile in response to his.

"Feli is right Luddy. Your living here now and we look after each other. Now you boys eat up, ill start on the room. We have to get this done as fast as possible if we are to keep our date."

I looked at her and watched as she rolled up her sleeves, soon to pull her hair back in a pony tail.


"Yup i contacted Gilbert and he will be here for lunch. Felinciano i trust you with Lunch."

"Si Capitan!"

I smiled gently as i looked at Felinciano and watched him solute her. To think my soldiers used to do that for me.

"Alrighty. When your finished Ludwig could you help me. Also try out your clothes, i want to know if you like them or if they fit. if they dont we can always take them back."



You smiled warmly as Ludwig looked at you and smiled. Soon you turned away from the boys and marched into the spare room.

it was a fairly big room although it was cramped to the brim full of art supplies. In the one corners was around 50 canvas' none of them used yet. There were boxes full of manga supplies. boxes full of paints and other artistic supplies. some of your ballet stuff. everything you could think of was probably in that room. Even half of Kiku's manga collection along with half of your own was in boxes in here. Your rooms could handle anymore shelves for your books so you two had to decided  on what to box.

You hoisted up your sleeves again and marched into that room. Box after box the room started to empty. You were about to pick up one box full of books till a hand gently placed itself on your shoulder.

"Let me help."

You looked and saw Ludwig bend down and hoist up the box.

"Verdamnt voman. You were carrying boxes sis heavy?"

You looked at him and smiled a gigantic smile.

"You betcha mister. Different from the women your used to huh?"

You looked at him and watched as he chuckled and nodded his head.

"Ja, completely different."

after that the two of you started to empty the room. Felinciano started on lunch while kiku grabbed all the clothed items and started to air them out, and undust them.

Soon you knew it you could see the oak hard wood floors again.

"Wow i forgot how big this room really was. Man we had more stuff that i thought."

you planted your hands on your hips as you looked at the room in approval and pride.

"____-chan, Ludwig-san i brought you some remonade."

You turned and saw kiku in his cleaning get up, holding a tray with glasses of lemonade. You skipped over and gladly took on, chugging down the entire thing. Ludwig just stood there along with Kiku staring at you.

"aaahhh that was refreshing. Now to cleaning."

You placed the empty cup back onto the tray and skipped out of the room heading for the cleaning closet. Soon you returned to see Ludwig standing there looking out the dirty window.

"Here catch."

Ludwig just turned around in time to see the spray bottle of windex and the role of paper towel, before it smacked him right dab in the face. He looked at the things in his hands and looked at you.

"You take the bottle, squeeze the handle and spray the window, then you take the paper towel, rip a piece off and wipe the window."

you chuckled when you saw him pout and blush. Soon you turned back to the bucket full of water and grabbed the clothe. You could here behind you as Ludwig gasped, turning you snuck a peek at the German and blushed once you saw his fascinated face. It was to cute.

"When your done you can grab the other clothe and help me clean the base boards of dust okay. We might need to wipe the walls down as well."

"oh um okay."

You smiled as he walked over to you placing his things down then grabbing the other clothe. Soon you two were on your knees scrubbing fiverously at everything.

"Vell i never sought i vould see mein kliene bruder on his knees cleaning along side you ____."

You looked up and turned towards the doorway. There standing there was the Albino you grew up knowing. For someone his age he looked really good, he looked like he was in his early 6o's.


You looked and saw Ludwig as he stood up and looked at the elderly man.

"I really am your older bruder now arnt I Luddy kesesesese."

Before you could process what was happening , Ludwig dropped the rage, marched over to his brother and embraced him tightly. Gilbert wrapped his one arm around Ludwig as the other one had problems lifting. They were both crying.

"Its gut to see you again Luddy."

"Ja bruder."

you stood up and smiled gently at the two as the embraced each other. Soon Gilbert broke the hug and patted Ludwig on his shoulder. With a turn of his head Gilberts ruby red eyes were gleaming at you as he held out his hand.

"Now vere is mein hug mein Fraulein?"

You smiled and walked over to the elder and hugged him warmly. When you looked back at him his fingures soon found your cheek and pinched it playfully.

"You vont believe se beautiful voman i saw today in se market."

You just looked at him and laughed.

"Spry as ever i see."


For the entire day Gilbert staid and talked with Ludwig. Eventually at some point in the day Ludwigs furniture and appliances showed up and you made sure no one helped you as you set up his room. You hated it when people tried doing things that you knew you could do easily. You were one of those women that were believers that what ever a man could do you could do to!
So within an hour, the bed was set, the chairs were assembled and placed, his desk sat there ready for use. You even set up the book shelf placing all the books Gilbert mentioned that Ludwig enjoyed reading.
With the last book in your hand you placed it in the middle of two rows of books, its cover facing the room.

The Brothers Grimm.

You even marked it at the story that Gilbert said Ludwig loved. With a chuckle you laughed at the story he loved. Here was this big blonde, blued eyed German and his favorite story was Rapunzel.

"Frau are you done yet? I vant to see vhere mein bruder vill be sleeping."

You skipped over to the door and hoisted it open, a big smile on your face. You soon swung your arm out pointing towards the inside of the room.

"Welcome boys."

Everyone crowded into the room as they looked around.

"Vell frau i am impressed."

"Why thank you Gilbert."

You smiled as you watched Ludwig walk over to the book case. he looked at all the books and saw that they were all in German. Then his hands landed on the brothers grimm, his fingures flipping through the pages till it came to the one you marked off. There he stood looking down at the pages as tears fell down his cheeks. Gilbert walked over to him and looked down smiling a bit.

"So you really do listen to me when i talk eh Fraulein?"

You smiled gently as both of the men looked at you, tears in there eyes.

"of course Gilbert."

You smiled as Kiku and Feli walked over and joined you, Feli hugged you tightly whispering in your ear.

"You-a did a good thing bella."

You looked at him and hugged him back tightly.

"Well thank you Feli."

"Hai i agree ___-chan."

You turned and smiled at Kiku as he kept a bit of distance from you, personal space after all.


You looked up and saw Ludwig placing the book back, then he turned to you.

"Vhy did you do sis?"

"Luddy dont ask such a stupid question."

You giggled as Gilbert patted his back roughly as he nodded his head rythmaticaly.

"They did this because they wanted to. So just keep the questions to your self and accept there generosity. Be glad it was ____ that you met instead of someone else, without her we would have never met again and you would not have been this well off. Your lucky to have met her."

You blushed as both of the brothers looked at you. Especially when Ludwigs pure ice eyes met your own. They matched that gentle smile of his perfectly.


Yet once again there you were lying on your bed, staring at your ceiling, Blitz laying upon your legs.

knock knock knock

you looked up from your bed as someone rapped upon your bedroom door. With a flash, the blankets along with Blitz went flying off your legs as you ran to the door. When you opened your door you just in time saw Ludwigs back as he retreated to his room beside yours.


Just like that his head looked out into the open area, his eyes meeting yours.

"Oh um, i didnt mean to vake you."

You shook your head smiling softly.

"No its okay i wasnt asleep anyways. did you want something?"

You looked at him as he stood there and blushed. He looked so cute standing there fiddling with his fingures as he avoided your gaze.

"I vas if i ...could...nein never mind. Guten Nacht."

You gasped and hurried out of your doorway quickly. Just in time you grabbed the side of his shirt. He turned and looked at you surprised at your sudden action.

"You think i am just going to let you off like that mister! now what did you want to say?"

You looked at him sternly as his blush intensified.

"I vas vondering...if i could..."

Soon Ludwig sighed and looked at you with the most sincerest of looks.

"i vas vondering if i could sleep vis you again."

You stood there looking at him, soon the warmest of smiles you have ever shown appeared on your face.

"Sure Luddy i can do that."

You giggled as he looked at you shocked. You walked into this room closing the door only to soon drag him back to his bed. So now you two were under the blankets, his presence held in your arms again, his own wrapped around your waist.


"yes Ludwig."


"no problem."

You ran your fingures through his hair as he nuzzled your neck. You just smiled and whispered to him kissing the top of his head.

"I told you i would be by your side didnt i? Your my responsibility and i am going to look after you."

"ja. but at least let me look after you too. I feel...kinda veird being looked after by a offense of course."

"None taken. now go to sleep you have a big day tomorrow."

"Vhat are ve doing?"

"We are going to get you up to date at least a little bit. But i have high hopes you will do just fine. Now go to sleep."


With that you fell asleep once again with him in your arms. Your friendly storm trooper giant of history.
part 2 :D

part 1---> [link]

i think i will make this the final unless you guys want more of course but ya. anyways i made ludwig a storm trooper before he became a SS :)

please enjoy.

i own nothing but the plot.
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Dude. One of the best Germanyn x readers I've ever read plotwise, and character-wise. I can't even comprehend the AMAZINGNESS and connection I felt with the reader.
May I ask a question, because you seemed to voice your thoughts in the story, do you believe what the reader believes; that no matter what everyone deserves kindness and benefit of the doubt and such despite who they were or what they are or what they've done? Because I feel the same way, especially about the Germans during WWII.
AndyStarfish Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Yes but my thoughts have also grown from there. Many people did not know at the time that most of the Germans people were brain washed and of the such.

I do believe in digging deeper into things then just judging the case based on the folder but sometimes some people do not deserve second chances. We must also remember this to.

But other then that it's basically as shown. I think this way because I didn't have that great of a time growing up. I'm half native and half white. Because I am mixed I did not have a place in either white or native culture. I'm not even metis.
So many people judged me on what they saw and many people tried beating me up because of it. Even in the government, because I have my status and such I am just a number in the system.

But I am proving people other wise. So why can't others prove so to?
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But anyway, great story, PLEASE CONTINUE~!
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For some reason, I am reading my lines in a Russian accent. I can imagine Luddy thinking he was captured by Russians and panicking so well. Mwahahaha XD. I love how you list all the cultural differences between reader-chan and Ludwig. It's very interesting.
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