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June 8, 2013
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Faery rings are the most peculiar things of supernatural blessings and wishes. It is said that if you put something sweet inside the small circle of mushrooms, or something beautiful like a flower. If you were to make a wish that it would follow you for the rest of your day.

Through out your entire child hood you would search behind your families cottage, in search for these magical circles of mushrooms.And every time you found one you would place chocolate in it and wish. Every time you would wish for eternal happiness....yet that did not last.

You were to be married to a Spaniard of high stature. He was smart, funny and he always had a smile on his face. You got to know his cousins, the Italian twins, they always made you smile as well. Yet one night, the night before your wedding it all fell apart. Just in a split second Antonio lost his life, right when the car made impact, he was on his way to see you.

So now it has been 2 years since that fate filled night and you have not felt any better. Antonio's Grandfather would call you every night making sure you were all right. He would remind you every now and then that you were considered family, and if anything happened to you the Italian mafia would be there to protect you. Lovino and Felinciano would visit you often as well.

Yet despite all of this lovely contact you still missed the one smile you wished to see once again.

So in order to escape your inferno you packed up everything and moved back to your family cottage. All the way in the highlands of Scotland. You missed this landscape so much. The rolling hills, the beautiful green fields, the mystical forests and lakes. You would walk along the small stone walls trailing and rolling with the moving landscape.

Yet the green landscape only looked grey to your broken eyes. So now living in your cottage was yet again a routine. Early morning rising at 5 am, shower, breakfast. Then you would walk to the harbors and look around for some fresh fish for dinner. Then you would walk to the market and look for fresh vegetables or seeds for your garden. After awhile you would walk home then walk back to town and look around the bookstore. After awhile you would eat at your favorite place and enjoy a cup of coffee. After a while you would head back home, yet along the way you would always follow the stone hedge and walk off into the forest.

So here you were walking through the dense forest. Every step felt like you were walking through a river of magic. Every noise brought bliss to your soul. Everything brought harmony and meaning to your well being.
Every time you entered this forest you could almost see the smaller you running through the winding trails, looking for faeries or water horses. You would look in small caves looking for trolls or looking for wisps. Giggling and running with your basket full of treats like red riding hood.
your hair would dance in the air as your eyes shown with adventure and curiosity.

On a whim you started to run and weave through out the trees you used to know so well. jumping up and over fallen logs, hands gripping and provolting you through the living masses. your heart pounded in your ears as your breath ran ragged and hoarse with every step. Running for minutes upon minutes you scaled the length like no other.

Along the way you lost your coat as it slipped off with the help of the wind. Soft raindrops soon left patterns upon your clothes and face. Just like the falling drops your mouth started to dance with joy. How long has it been since you felt so alive, how long has it been since you last moved this fast?

Soon you started to take of your scarf, your sweater. It was like the harnesses that bound and suffocated you the most, it was letting you free with ever layer you lost. With every laugh and smile and tear, all of your constrictions were released.

Each tree moved faster and faster as your speed picked up. yet soon they started to slow again as you came to a clearing in the forest. There the trees made a perfect circle, yet in the middle was something you almost long forgotten. In the middle was a faery circle, a small ring of mushrooms.

Advancing slowly you walked up to the small ring and stopped. kneeling down beside it you pulled out the small chocolate you always carried around. pulling back the metal wrapper you broke of two pieces and placed the rich sweet substance into the middle.
Closing your eyes you thought your wish.

'i wish for eternal happiness'

over and over you repeated your wish. Over and over the tears fell down your cheeks. over and over your rocked yourself till your wish was finally voiced in a strangled shriek.


Finally your once happiness melted away again. your head fell into the balled up pams of your hands as you screamed your emotions free.

over and over again your cried to the point of going numb. Just like the down pour of rain your emotions fell away, leaving you motionless in the opening.

"ye know lassie, if ye scream even more louder, people from the village will think ye are bein' murder'd."

Slowly you turned only to look upon the most fiery of hair and the greenest of eyes. Standing there in the clearing entrance was a man. his stature was strong and his skin was prominent against his blue shirt and black coat and pants. His combat boots were slathered in a layer of mud. A piece of chocolate was in his mouth.

"why would you care?"

You watched as he walked over towards you, handing you a bundle of wet clothes. Looking more closely you could see that it was the ones you lefts behind.

The man chuckled when you grabbed your clothes and hugged them close to you. Crouching down he looked at you then poked your forehead, eating up his last bit of chocolate.

if ye were to disappear who would give me sweets?"

looking at him dumbfounded you watched as he nodded his head towards the circle. Following his gaze you looked into the inside of the ring and felt your self gasp. There sitting inside was no longer the 2 pieces you had placed, but instead there was only one. You turned to look at him again as he smiled and reached in to retrieve the other piece. Watching him you saw him break the piece in half, eating one side while handing you the other.

"aye do like sweets lassie but aye like them better if aye had someone to share it with."

you watched completely shocked as he put it in your hand. After a couple seconds he sighed shaking his head. He soon grabbed the chocolate piece again placing it on your lips.

"ye have to eat it lassie."

With a slow nod of your head you slowly ate the sweet delecacie.

"There we go."

You jumped when he patted your shoulder roughly, man his hands were huge.

"Well lets get ye out of the rain. i cant have ye catchin' a cold."

You squeaked as he lifted you up in his arms like a princess. desperately you wrapped your arms around his neck, hiding your face the best you could between your arms, the top of your head rest on his jaw line.

"Lass aye...cant breathe!"

You looked at him and loosed your grip on his neck. A coughing fit racked his body as he gasped for air.


you smiled sheepishly as his eyes found yours yet again. his smile was absolutely handsome.

"Its okay lassie, i should be the one saying sorry."

Raising an eyebrow you looked at him as he started to walk back down the path you had taken.

"Ye would always wish for happiness, yet aye recently could not deliver. im sorry."

You looked at him and felt your heart skip a beat. All the lost memories, the ones you cherished the most as a child, the ones your grew out of as you left behind the world of magic. Every time you were upset you would run into the forest. every time this man would show up and comfort you. every time he did this and every time he made you happy. he was your first love.


You watched as his opened in shock as he stopped walking and looked at you. You smiled gently and hugged his neck gently as you felt a chuckle run through his rib cage.

"So ye remember lassie?"

you just nodded your head and fell silent as he continued to walk you home.



"you better make me happy again."

"aye lassie i will. for eternity."
just a random idea. thought id give you a story since i have not posted many recently.


i do not own scotland.
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Dreamer-of-Magic Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014   General Artist
Aww this was cute ^^
AndyStarfish Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you
Dreamer-of-Magic Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014   General Artist
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lullabyly Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Student General Artist
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lullabyly Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Black-Fire-Tazz Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is the second fanfic today that I read and Spain dies.......I don't know if people hate him, or if he's a character that's very easy to kill........
AndyStarfish Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Actually i really like spain and his cheerful atmosphere, yet i needed i low part of the story in order to draw people in some more and get them entwined with the plot in order to have the reader feel how i remotely wanted them to feel in the end. Spain is the most cheerful character in my opinion and he his corky side so he was the best to fill the spot.
i dont hate spain but in this one it was kinda necasary. But if you want i have a spain x male reader that will surely lift your mood. It has a happy ending :) if you would like to look at it.
Black-Fire-Tazz Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Now that I know that you like Spain, I'm just not to sure about the other writer. Lulz
badassgermanchick Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so HE was the one taking the chocolate !!! ALLISTOR !!   :3 great story BTW 
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