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April 9, 2013
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There you were standing in the dark, cell phone to your ear, staring at a darkened house. It was 'her' house...that b***'s house, that cheaters house. Disgusting.

~Mon Ami i know you you are trying to cheer me up but i zink i just need to be alone for aw'ile.~

"NO FRANCIS!!!" you yelled into the device.
"I will not have you running around crying all because some Bitch ripped your heart out! i will not accept it because you have Matthew to look after!!! He's our son and i will not have you put that child through shit because you were a dumbass!!!"

~Mon ami.~

You stood there huffing and puffing as you remembered what happened.

You and Francis had a thing when you two were in high school. Sadly when you two were thinking about marriage and starting a life together his parents came up with a arranged marriage deal. You knew he had no choice so you broke it off, you both were 23 at this time. After a couple months you found out you were pregnant.

You tried to keep it secret but that bitch Maria had to dig into your personal life and found out. You tried your best to keep Matthew once he was born, but Maria's parents were pretty high class. Like seriously what could a middle to low class person do? Nothing.

So Matthew was taken away from you and has so far grown up with Francis and Maria. Although you could barely see your son Francis made sure that your son knew who his mother was.

So now Matthew was 7 years old and he called you Mama when ever he meets with you. In secret of course. Although over the past 7 years Francis' heart started to part away from you. he started to claim that he was falling for the stuck up cake eating snob. And now she cheated on him with a richer man and left him high and dry. Now he was sulking.

"Dont say anything Francis or i swear i will bloody kick your ass to next month!!! Okay i understand you loved her and what not but you can love again. Like seriously you loved me then loved her, i think you will be fine after this. Okay ...time heals all wounds and broken hearts. Although...."

~Mon Cherie w'at are you planning?~

You smiled wickedly as you picked up on of the loose bricks lining her yard.

"Time will heal your heart but it wont fix that bitches window!!"

With that you took a step forward. Your mind went blank only open to its objective. All those years of fast ball kicking in to overdrive. With a grunt you threw the brick towards the window. A smile of victory once you heard the crash.


I ran to Matthews room dropping the phone along the way. The police officer still on the line. Opening the door i walked over to Matthew and shook him awake lightly.

"Mazew. Mazew you need to wake up."

"mmmm papa?"

I looked down at my son and saw ____ perfectly in him.

"Mazew we need to go to ze police station. Come on."

I picked him up from his warm sheets and held onto him tightly as he struggled with his bear stuffie.
Within minutes i had everything i needed and was speeding towards the police station. My mind was running a million miles an hour. What did she do? what did she do? I drove as fast as i could and couldnt help but chew on my nails. Frick i was so nervous....what did she do!!

Soon we arrived at the police station. I jumped out of the car, grabbed Matthew and sped walked as fast as my long legs could take me.

"Can i help you sir?"

I looked at the woman in front of me. She looked like she could take a lot with her build.

"Um yes i am here to pick up ______."

"Ahhh yes well come this way. I am Constable St. Pierre and i must say you have quite the hell raiser here. Even i have to admit im routing for her after meeting the other woman."

I looked at her as she nodded her head to a German beside her as he buzzed open the door. Oh god what did she do?

"Was is really zat bad?"

I gulped as she smiled and looked at me with her Brown eyes.

"Well when i was younger i was quite the hell raiser and fighter myself. Lets just say she reminded me of myself and thats a lot to say. Also we had to pin her down with 5 of our strongest and biggest men. Certainly aint a push over. Probably because she's a pure blooded Canadian."

I followed the police officer as we snaked through the corridors of the building till we started to pass the cells.



i rushed passed the native woman as i hurried to the two voices i knew all to well. Well one voice i knew to well....the other one i believed was Maria's but never have i heard her yell before.

I held Matthew closer to my chest as i jogged down the hallway, only to soon slow down and look at the disheveled woman in the first cell.

"huh  Francis!!! baby i am so glad to see you please have them hurry up and open the door!"

I gasped and felt my heart ache as she reached out to me from the bars.


My eyes almost popped out of my head as i watched Matthew smack Maria's hand away harshly. Never has Matthew ever shown violence....he couldn't even kill a fly!!! LITERALLY!! yet here he is, his eyes ablaze with the life of his mother's.


"Why you little brat!!!! i should have punished you when i had the chance you snot nosed brat!!!! Innocent my ass your just a burden! a bastard child!"

I looked at the woman feeling the blood start to boil like lava in my veins. How dare she!

"Constable St. Pierre i believe ze one i am 'ere for is in ze ozer cell."

"yes right this way sir. And you get away from the bars!!!"

I glared at the shocked woman as i continued down the hall to the cell right beside her. Looking in a saw the one i came for. There she was sitting against the wall, a bright shiner on her face. Lip split and still bleeding. Hands scraped and bruised beyond recognition. Clothes in shambles


i watched as she turned and looked at us, a gentle shame filled and pride less smile flowing across her face. Soon she stood up and walked over to the bars but kept a distance at the same time.

"hey baby. im sorry you have to see me like this, i must be scaring you."

"Non!!! i know mama is hurting so its okay. i never liked her anyway!"

"Here i will let you out miss (last name)."

"yes please."

I watched as the police officer opened the doorway and let ____ out. Soon Matthew was leaning out of my grasp into ____'s arms.

"And here i thought that my baby boy liked everyone."

"Only her."

"Only her eh."

"oui now can we go home? oh!!! can we get icecream!!!"

I smiled gently as i ____ nodded her head. Soon Matthew bursted out laughing once ____ attacked his face with butterfly kisses, tickling him like she always did.

"oohhh you're so good my baby boy, well shall we go?"


"right well here daddy can you carry him? my arms are aching a bit."

I nodded and took Matthew and turned to walk down the hallway. I glanced and looked into Maria's cell as we passed. There she was gripping the bars till her knuckles were white, glaring and visually turnign me into an inferno.

"You will regret this Francis!"

"i regret ever meeting you Maria."

I walked past a little more until i saw ____ walk up to the bars. Soon i heard a scream, turning around i saw Maria's face pressed up against the walls. A look of complete terror on her face as ____ started to crush Marias wrist. The one she used to pull Maria to the bars.

"The next time you threaten my son or do anything in that range..."

I felt a shiver of fear as i looked at her lips as she whispered the rest. That woman was terrifying.


You kissed Matthew on his forehead as you tucked him into his bed. Smiling down at your son clutching the polar bear you gave him sleepily you left the room. Silently closing the door behind you. Turning around you came to find Francis leaning there against the hallway wall, arms crossed, looking at you.


You felt your hands clench into a fist as you sped your way past him. You were just about to walk down the stairs to leave till you felt his arms wrap around you, his forehead rest against your shoulder, his body shaking gently.

"your a sad sack you know that Francis."

" sorry."

You sighed and rested your head against his own, rubbing his forearm with your hands.

"why?" you whispered gently.

"i 'ave messed up. i should 'ave said non i should 'ave staid wiz you. i should 'ave..."

You turned around and grasped his face gently in your hands. You watched as tears fell from his pure blue eyes that even put sapphires to shame. How long has he been holding this in?

"I should 'ave supported my family more, i should 'ave married you and looked after you. I let Mazew grow up around someone like zat..i...i.."

"Shut up Francis."

You watched as he looked at you shocked yet hurt. You just sighed and pulled him into you, wrapping your arms tightly around him. Afraid he would leave you again...only this time to never return.

"Im here now. There is no need to linger on past events. What matters is Matthew, So buck up here now."


You started to hum his favorite song as you ran your fingures through his blonde hair. This felt so right, so warm.

"Well shall we go to bed?"

You smiled gently as he looked down at you, wiping away the last bit of tears. You couldnt help but giggle, even in this low light you could see the snail trails running down his face.

"oui. If you dont mind."

"Francis i have been waiting for how long now? i dont think i mind."

You smiled as Francis gently intertwined his fingures with yours, leading you down the hallway. Along the way how ever one room caught your eye.

"Whats that room Francis."

Francis turned to look at your then the door you were looking at. You eyed him as a small sad smile and laugh escaped his lips.

"zat was Maria's room."

"Wait she didnt share a bed with you?"

You looked at him as he shook his head and led you into his room, closing the door behind you. Watching you eyed Francis as you walked around his room, opening doors and walkin gin an out of the bathroom.

"'ere you can where zese."

You just slipped into the shorts and shirt quietly as Francis did the same. Soon you two were in the bed, his face nuzzled into your chest, arms wrapped around you. He sighed in bliss as you held him close, running you fingures through his hair.

"For 'ow many years we were married. We never shared a bed."

You looked at him and paused. does that mean?

"Wait like sharing a bed as in..."


Your eyes widened as you processed what that meant. No one beside him, no sex.

"How did you even live?"

You watched as he chuckled and blushed in embarasment. Soon his sweet lips found your own as his arms wrapped around you even more. Oh how long have you wanted these lips? You leaned more into the kiss trying to take as much as you could, till you two were forced apart for air.
Francis panted softly as he nuzzled into your neck kissing it softly.

"I made it wiz ze 'ope of being wiz you again."

you looked down at him and gently pulled his face back by his hair. He purred at your dominant gesture as your lips captured his again, your fingures running rampant through his golden locks.

To think with an aditude to boot you were able to have a happy ending.
ya well tada.

i own nothing but the plot. and myself
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Dviantae Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
You smiled wickedly as you picked up on of the loose bricks lining her yard.

"Time will heal your heart but it wont fix that bitches window!!"
I imediately reconized the refrence and lost it! XD awesome story btw!
divoha4-1 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Student General Artist
I wonder what i whispered to the woman >:]
Btw I <3 canada
too bad i live in usa
AkasunaYuki3 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
No way she would have even got within 100 miles of Mattie I would have slaughtered her if she even looked in his direction! But good storyb
AndyStarfish Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Teehee xD thank you
Keira-Giordano Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Student Writer
I should've killed her XDDDDDDDD
AndyStarfish Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
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Keira-Giordano Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Student Writer
Your right ahahahaha
catalinapassion Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013
Throwing a brick through a bitch's window. Yeah Thats something I'd totally do XD
AndyStarfish Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I know right. I made this one more based on my actions but apparently alot of people would do what I would have done xD. Well I hope you enjoyed it.
catalinapassion Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013
I loved it ===> this is my seal of approval XD (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥
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