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March 7, 2013
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your a dude so give yourself a male name :D

Toast in mouth, show just barely on, bag slung over your shoulder. Just another day with another start.

"____ You leaving for school yet?"

You turned to see your dad Tino in his sweater vest like normal.

"Ya why?"

"Can you take peter with you? Ber is out right now and i have to meet an important client in a half hour. Can you walk him?"

You nodded you head making sure the piece of toast did not fall out of your mouth.

"ya sure. PETER HURRY UP!!!"

You looked at the stairs only to hear something falling down, then you saw his little feet, then his legs, torso then his head. Just like normal he was in his sailor suite.

"I'm coming!!"

"Oh yes hold on boys."

You looked over to see Tino retreating back into the kitchen. When he returned he had his normal paper bagged lunches he made for you two.

"Here and be safe on your walk."

"We will."

You took another bite of your toast after peter and you said goodbye in unison. Most people thought it strange how Peter and you where only brothers by marriage, yet you two were so alike.

You walked down your garden path opening the gate for peter as you two walked onto the street.

"Here let me put that into your bag peety."


You smiled and grabbed his lunch, opening his bag you couldnt help but smile. There was the pocket watch that your Father Berwald gave Peter for his birthday. it had a picture of you and peter on one side then all of you on the other.
it was no secret, it was simple actually. You father Berwald was in an arranged marriage and his wife at the time had you. Afterwards she divorced him and dumped you on his shoulders and left. Then his friend since childhood Tino dealt with his wifes passing and your dad helped Tino look after his new born. You were 12 at this time, then soon they were enveloped in a relationship then they got married. you all have never been happier.

"there ya go kido."

"Come on ___ were going to be late for school."

You buckled up his bag after placing his lunch inside and patted his head. Soon you two were walking again talking about random things like peters ships, and your model airplanes.

"I see you two have not changed."

You turned to see Emil walking form his house, joining you guys on your walk.

"Hi Emil!!!"

"Hello Peter. hello _____."

You gave him a nod and looked away. Emil was just a year older than you and his older brother grew up with Tino. So you knew Emil for as long as you could remember, and you had a crush on him.

"So how are you today Emil?!?"

"Im good peter."

"Well Well aye neva expect to see ye out en' aboot ag'in ___."

You looked up and saw your childhood friend Alistor. He was apart of the Kirkland family and you two grew up in the same neighbor hood, well till you moved.
A smile spread across you face when you saw his. in an instant yo uran over and hugged the scottsman in a death grip.

"Oi, laddy aye canne breathe."

you chuckled letting go and placeing him on the ground. How long has it been?

"Your still a ginger i see!"

"Aye dinne have enough guts to dye it."

You both chuckled and laughed. When he was younger he hated his red hair and said he would dye it black. it was to funny.


You looked down when you felt someone tug on your shirt. Looking down you saw Peters blue eyes looking at you shyly.

"Oh um Peter this is my old childhood friend Alistor. Alistor this is my little brother Peter and this is my friend Emil. We got together when i moved here."

You watched as Alistor smiled and shook Emil's hand and peters. Yet for some odd reason it looked like Emil squeezed his hand to tightly, and was he glaring?

"Well what school are ye attendin'?"


"Same 'ere!"


you couldnt help but smile as you started to walk again. Peter held onto your hand the whole way while Emil held onto his other one.

"Ya and Arth..."



you all turned around only to see a man running down the road. Soon you saw Alistor walk out in front of his holding out his arms. The man saw you all and slowed down. there he was panting, then you saw another head pop out from behind, she had beautiful violet eyes.

"Artie what are ye doin'?"

Arthur!!!! this was the kid you grew up with as well?!? You watched as he raised his blonde head then surely enough, there was his grassland eyes and his caterpillar eyebrows.

"Im taking Victoria to school."

"Well why ye runnin'?"

"its because daddy didnt listen to me uncle Alistor. I kept on telling him we were going to be late but did he listen no!"

You couldnt help but chuckle. This girl was probably the same age as Peter and she had a lot of spunk. But did she say daddy?

"You a dad Arthur?"

You saw him nod as he tried to catch his breath. How old was he? 26? he was 4 years older than you while Alistor was 27, so that would mean that Arthur had to have had her when he was 16?!?

"Ya she came around when i was 17, shes going to be 10 soon."

"Daddy!!! we gotta go!!!"

"Alright alright!!!"

You couldnt help but chuckle as you looked down at your watch 8:30. 10 minutes before your class started....10 MINUTES!!! you grabbed Peter and hoisted him on your back, you had him hold onto your bag as you looked at the guys.

"Gotta go bye!!! see you after school Emil!!!!!"

With that you and Arthur went dashing down the soon to be hill, panicking and racing against the time.


there you were laying on your bed. Book bag on the floor, shirt partially open, pants on the far side of the room.

"I swear you never change."

You turned and looked at Emil as he sat on your couch. His pants were rolled up to his knees, coat tossed to the side and forgotten, Popsicle in hand.

"Well of course i change. i change every day because i dont think people want to smell me wearing the same clothes over and over again."

You gave you signature smile as Emil rolled his eyes smiling.

"See never change."

You sat up from your bed and walked over to Emil. you bent down, grabbed his hand and bit off part of his popsicle.

"And your too slow."

You chuckled and ran back to the comfort of your bed as Emil tried hitting you. You two sat there for awhile till Emil finally spoke up.

"You and that Alistor guy are pretty close arnt you?"

You looked at him and smiled rubbing your neck.

"eh we grew up on the same block. Although it was kinda weird because they are so much more older then i am. So far the only people i know that are younger than me are Peter, THATS IT!!! but ya i guess you can say were close although i dont know much about it now."

"What do you mean by that?"

You looked at him and grabbed a pillow and hugged it. Only soon to hide your blushing face in it.

"I moved, got a family, and met you."

You looked up and saw his mouth agape as he stared at you. then he looked away finishing off his popsicle.



"Are you jealous of Alistor?"

You looked at him as he sighed and looked back at you. As far as you know Emil has never lied to you.

"Ya ya i was."


"because he knows a part of you that i never will. I hated to know that someone knew something about you that i will never know about. i still hate it because, i feel like...someone has a hand up on me."

You looked at him as he ran his hand through his silver hair. it was strange to see Emil so flustered. Sure he had more emotion then his older brother Lukas but he was still.... neutral.

"What do you mean by that?"


You blinked and hugged the pillow more as he got up from the couch. He walked over to you and bent down, leaning his weight all onto one hand as the other held your chin. his lips where soft and warm, yet at the same time icy and rough.
When he pulled away you looked up at him, at his blushing face. Before he could walk away you wrapped your arms around his waist, resting your face on his small torso.


"sshhh can we just stay like this?"

you could feel him chuckle as his diaphragm moved under your cheek. Soon his hand found your back and the other ran its way through your shaggy (_) hair. You closed your eyes in complete bliss as he stood there letting you do what ever you wanted.



"Stay with me?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Stay with me. For now just be with me, love me. Later live with me and love me. Later than that die with me, love me."

"hehe if only your willing to deal with me."

You looked up at him resting your chin just above his belly button. He looked down at you and smiled.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Im very possessive, i have low self esteem, and i have a hard time expressing myself or showing my emotions."

"Thats alright with me, after all i have been dealing with that for how long now? you'd think i would have left a long time ago?"

You smiled as he chuckled and kissed your forehead.

"Dummy, that was before we were together. beside you cant leave me you love me to much."

You chuckled hugging him again as he tried to hug you back.

"And you love me just as much."

"yes i do."
i really wanted to write a story that would include a picture i drew --->

so in the end i wrote the most fluffiest thing ever. Also Englands daughter Victoria, she is my character personification of british columbia :D

anyways enjoy.

i do not own hetalia but i do own the plot and victoria
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DeathRavager Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Professional Artist
I'm a guy, er boy (15), and I have a guy you've 'crush' on Emil and Lukas. This was amazing, and since only one REALLY short Norway x male reader exists, could you perhaps make another for him?
AndyStarfish Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
i'll see what i can do k :)
DeathRavager Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Professional Artist
Awesome, thank you very very much!
AndyStarfish Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
no probs. anything you want specific or do you want me to do what ever? i'll take this as an official request. consider yourself lucky kid :)
DeathRavager Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Professional Artist
Thanks so much again! And anything specific? Umm, not really. Other than age, so the main character (reader) be like, 16 and Lukas like, 17? Or him be 16 and you be 15, etc. I think his emotionless should come into play here, as thats a critical part to him-not that he doesn't have them, just hard at expressing. I'd say you have more knowledge on these subjects than I do xD, i'm a fantasy writer, not exactly good at the romance-y things although I wish I was! Thanks again!
AndyStarfish Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
im onyl good at writing romancy things because all oif my violent stories were not going so well with most people. but even then i have some violent twists in my stories. well i am a major hetalia fan and i some what know how Norge works, i\ll see what i can do. but i wont promise it being able to come out today. im extremely tired and i have work tomorrow. but if i cant sleep tonight i'll write it. but i wont promise anything. and your welcome.
DeathRavager Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Professional Artist
Oh no rush at all! I'm just excited someone's finally doing a norway x male reader thats longer than a few sentences lol, take your time! And yea, some people on DA are a bit squeamish xD
AndyStarfish Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I know what you mean. My most favorite stories are ma,e reader stories. To true, i hate stories like that. Well your in luck because i always have some sort of plot to my stories and i have problems writing short stories too. True x)
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MSJakeAdventures Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I think the expectation that 0% of deviants are male is hilarious, expecialy if rule 30 of the internet is taken into account. please tell me Im not the only one offended by the beginning of the story.
AndyStarfish Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
i am one who does not care about sexes in a political stand point or global standing. i did not write this with the expectation of only girls reading this and that males do not exist. although that warning is for the females. but let me also explain the kind of character that i am. if i were to write a story were it was a female reader with a female character partner i would put the same thing down. the only difference is that i would say that your a chick so you should give yourself a girl name.

but how you interpret things is in your own mind set. Yet let me tell you this. I did not mean to offend but this is just how i am and who i am. i am one who sees both sides of the fence and i only see people for people and not sexes. so thank you for the comment, it has given me some insight on how apparently my 'expectations' affect others. But next time i would kindly ask for you to appoint the comment fully towards me and do not leave it open ended as if you expect an audience.

After all adults finish a statement with a hard and clear ending instead of having the hope for someone to back them up.

now i bid you adue and again thank you for this fruit full experience. i shall put it into more thought the next time i write a story. After all i guess my male reader stories do not matter. 

good day to you.
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