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"THATS BLOODY SUICIDE!!!!" Arthur screamed at your father

"Its the only way. If _____ were to marry him and keep her true identity hidden then we would be insured safety. No man would kill the woman he loves."

"Dad i have to agree with Arthur on this one its suicide and if i am exposed everyone else is."

Your father looked at you with an alpha male power that made everyone else shake and whimper besides yourself.

"His name is Berwald Oxenstierna and you will marry him. It is your duty as my daughter and the soon to be leader of your own pack. It is about time you learned selflessness and personal sacrifice."

You glared at your father before you left. The old fool had no idea what he was getting into and to top it all off he was throwing you into the lions den, just to see if it was actually safe. After all you were the 3'd iligitamate daughter.

You stormed down the white walls of your manor. Every time you passed a member of your fathers pack they would bow to you and raise their right hand, palm down to you.

a sigh escaped your mouth once you closed yourself into the sacrosanct walls of your room. No one dared look at you in the eye...not even Arthur your best friend would fully look at you. It was mandatory because you were an Alpha female, even though you were only half wolf.


you turned to look at the big white door only to be presented with silence.

"whos there?"

"Milady it is I." Arthur introduced himself from the other side of the door.

You ran to the door and pried it open only to see the crown of his blonde choppy hair, and his hand in the air pointing towards you. You sighed and placed the back of your hand towards his, just stopping before your hands made contact. Arthur than rose up from the ground but still did not look you in the eye.

"What is it Artie?" You gasped once you saw the big swollen bruise on the side of his face. You went to reach for him but he evaded you swiftly, his face still looking towards the ground.

"Milady ____ we must get you packed for the meeting."

Arthur went straight to work bringing your duffel bag from out of your closet. Packing fiverously as you stood there feeling abandoned.


Your head bobbed up and down in sync with you foot as you slouched in the restaurant chair. Your music was blaring in your ears and you could sense your father did not approve.

The two of you sat there for a half hour as is, waiting for the two men to arrive.

~Take that infernal garbage out of your ears this instant!~

Your fathers voice encroached into your thoughts. The one annoying thing about being part wolf, telepathy. You just turned to your father and glared sending him a message back. His eyebrows started to knit together when your music engulfed his mind.

You could tell your father was close to lashing out. Putting to Alpha's in the same room was a major No No.

You two sat there growling in audibly and glaring at each other till two figures approached your table. You both looked up only to see an middle aged man with brown hair smiling gently at you, and a rather tall man with wheat coloured hair, glasses, and a serious face that almost made you quiver in fear.

~Take your  headphones out now!!~

You did as your father told you as you both stood up from your chairs. You smiled at the men and shook the shorter mans hand, the taller man with glasses did not even accept your hand. He just stood there staring you in the eyes.

"You must be Berwald! i have heard so much about you from your uncle."

"Y's i am s'r"

"So than you must be _____ your are rather quite beautiful aren't you?"

You just looked at the middle aged man and blushed looking down. You did not like this, both of them were wearing hunting medallions.

You sat there silent not looking at anyone for most of the meeting. Once you all finished your meals you went on to business.

"So we so far have it arranged that you will live with Berwald and his roommates. Is that okay?"

"Yes sir."

"Good!" His smile looked like the rays of the sun itself, truthfully and fully deceiving to its true nature.

"My look at the time, gentlemen i hope you do not mind but i must go for i have another meeting to attend to. Please take care of my daughter." Your father than bent down towards you and kissed the side of your head, leaving you with a deathly message.

~ Screw this up and you will wish that you were never born.~

You just smiled cheerfully at your father but showed the hatred you had for him through your eyes.

~If you never wanted to me to live than you should never have raped my mother.~

"Here Mr. Wolfstadt let me walk you out. Berwald take her home okay." The brown haired man patted Berwald on his shoulder as he walked out with your father, lighting a cigar along the way.

"W'll shall we g'?"

"Ahh yes.."

You two followed the men from behind. Man you have never in your life time felt scared.


The car ride was deathly quite as Berwald drove you to his home. Now you stood outside a big brick house, its stature truly magnificent and beautiful.

"Come on."

You looked to see the tall man walking towards the door. You quickly slug your duffel bag onto your shoulder as you ran after him with you precious case in your hand. Once you caught up to him he just looked at you and stopped walking.

"What is it?" you asked timidly.

"You w'nt me to c'rry that?"

You stood there for a second before it clicked in.

"Oh no i am fine, i am tierd of people holding my stuff for me. It makes me feel incredibly week and useless."

He just nodded and continued to walk towards the door. Then suddenly the door flew open and a blonde haired man stood there, his face a lit with the biggest smile you have ever seen. He came running down the path and enveloped you in a gigantic bear hug. You kinda freaked out at first...never in your lifetime have you had this much body contact with someone.


"it is nice to meet you Tino my name is ______."

"Wow she is more prettier than i had imagined."

You turned away from Tino only to see another tall blonde man walking towards you, His hair was flicked to the side.

"My name is Mathias."

"Nice to meet you."

Some how you managed to get into the house, once you did your heart stopped. Along the walls were weapons galore. Battle ax's and swords, shields as well and other trinkets of war.

The men walked you into the living room and sat you down on the couch. They asked you many questions and laughed with each other. All that you did or could do was sit on the couch holding onto your case tightly and answer.

Berwald looked at you oddly and walked into the kitchen leaving you alone with the werewolf hunters. Just like a den of lions is all you could think of. You could feel yourself getting more and more scared that you almost screamed when Berwald tapped your shoulder. You looked up at the swede only to see him holding a cup of hot chocolate. You took it hesitantly and looked into it, what if it had wolfsbane in it? even if you were half wolf wolfsbane could still kill you.

"Hey _____?"

You turned to see Emil looking at you with question on his face.


"Whats in that case? your holding onto it really tightly.....oh um but if you dont want to show you dont have to." Emil rose his hands up in front of his face and started to wave them in a surrender like way.

You just looked at him and smiled. You put down your glass and opened the case to show your worldly possessions. Inside of the mahogany case was a violin and a pair of point ballet slippers.

A smirk found your lips as the men gawked in awe at your trinkets.

"Its beautiful." Awed Tino.

"They were both my mothers. there all that i have left of her."


Its been 3 weeks since you moved into Berwald's home and you were already feeling safe and accepted. You would help clean the house and cook for the group of men. They gave you your own room and showed you the spare room beside Berwald's work shop. They said the room was yours if you wanted it, they said you could use it for your dancing.

So there you were sitting in Berwald's work shop ripping your ballet slippers apart as he worked on his table. Needless to say you were used to Berwald now, he didn't scare you anymore and he some how calmed you down; even though he was a hunter.

Although at times you were scared because sometimes the guys would head out after receiving a letter or phone call, obviously they were hunting. It scarred you even more when they came back with bruises and cuts all over them.

You paused after tearing the ballet sole away from the rest, you just sat there in your deep thought.

(Berwald's P.O.V)

_____ stopped what ever she was doing with her ballet shoes and stared off into space with a look of worry in her eyes. She has lived with us for about 3 weeks now and my suspicions of her being a wolf keep on growing stronger and stronger. Those vial creatures...the beast that took away my parents.

I look at _____ again only to feel instantly calmed. Why is that? every time i suspect her of being a wolf something happens and i hope that i am wrong. Could she possibly be growing on me? No no thats impossible! or is it....oh she is so beautiful. her (_) hair just fell past her shoulders, her (_) eyes were always full of life and always twinkled when she smiled or when we looked at her. And her slender fingures, how they would move elegantly when she played her mothers violin.

"You ok'y?" i ask her

She turned to me and snapped back to reality her gorgeous smile finding her lips.

"Yes why?"

"N'thing....wh't are you d'ing?"

"Oh well i am braking in my slippers so they wont hurt my feet. You see i take them apart and i bend and brake the sole, then i sew on some ribbon and sew it all together. Then i cut up the sole for grip and brake it some more."

"That s'unds time c'nsuming."

My ears came to life as her musical laugh became known. Oh how i hope my assumptions are wrong.

"Coming from the man that makes beautiful but time consuming furniture."

I just nodded in defeat and went back to me table. _____ started to sew her slippers back together as i carved the norweegen designs into the legs.

After a couple of minutes i heard a sigh of relief from _____ and i looked at her. There they were, her master pieces were positioned on the floor side by side as _____ taped up her feet.

"So my toes dont brake."

i looked at her and saw her smile again as she answered my unspoken question. She then slipped her feet into the ballet slippers and tied them up. She stood up and moved her feet around, stretching her muscles.

I put down my tools and turned fully to look at her. None of us have seen her dance, she would always hide in the room and lock the door.

"Well they seem to be fitting nicely what do you think."

She looked at me and i nodded in return. Was she going to dance now?

"Do you have a hair tie?"

I smile and unwrap the tie from around my wrist. Ever since she moved in with us we have learned to have a hair tie on us at all times. I threw it to her as she caught it and tied up her silk hair.

She looked at me then to the ground. She stood there for several seconds, her fingure tapping her thigh, then it happened. Without any effort she was on her tip toes and started to spin around elegantly. My eyes widened at what i saw. Never in my life have i seen something so beautiful.

I stood from my chair to get a better look at _______ as she danced. I was in utter awe but it disappeared fast when she all of a sudden stopped. Her face was contorted with pain as she gently sat down cradling her right ankle tenderly.

I hurried to her side and looked at her as she slipped of her shoe. She winced as we saw her big toe was bleeding and her ankle was starting to swell.

"hehe i guess i did something wrong now huh?"

I looked at her and raised to my feet holding my hand out to her.

"W' should g't that clean'd."

_____ nodded and reached for my hand. Once she was standing she tried to walk but almost fell again when her injured foot touched the ground. I looked down at her and bent over. I slung her arm around my neck and put my arm behind her back, _____ looked at me oddly as i put my other arm behind her legs. She yelped as i picked her up bridal style and started to walk out the shop with her.

"Get clo'ser."


To late while i tried to make sure her ankle and foot did not hit the door her head did. She tried not to curse under her breathe as she clutched her head. Man did i ever feel bad.

"How about giving me more of a warning before you try to have me forget about my leg."

I was shocked when she tightened her arms around my neck as she pressed herself more into me, a smile on her face.

"Ja s'rry."

"Its okay."

We made it up the stairs and into the kitchen as i sat her down onto the kitchen stool. The others gasped as ____ examined her feet.

"What happened?!?" Tino cried as he went to her.

"Nothing nothing."

"I would not call that as nothing." Emil stated

"I was dancing and i guess i did a spin wrong or my shoes were not as great as i thought they were. Its nothing really i have had worse."


"I almost broke my entire leg before."

"Holy shit."

i came back with a wet clothe and some bandages. i sat on the opposite stool to ____ and put her foot on my leg. She winced as i started to clean off her foot. After a couple of minutes her foot was wrapped up and some what looking like brand new. I got up from the table and grabbed the bandages to put away.

"You sure you can do that?"

I turn back to see ____ trying to walk on her foot a smile was on her face again.

"Ya it hurt a lot at first but i am a tough girl see i did not even cry."

She might have fooled the others but i could tell she was holding back her feelings so she would not scare them.

The guys started to walk back to the living room as ____ started to walk towards me. she abruptly stopped and her eyes widened in fear. She grabbed at the table and clutched her shirt just above her heart and she fell to her knees. I went running over to her as she started to cough. When i was right beside her she grabbed onto my shirt and looked at her hand. He shoulders were shaking like crazy as tears fell from her eyes. She started to cough again as the floor started to get covered in blood.

The guys came running into the room only to see the horrific sight of ____ coughing up blood. I turned to them and yelled at the to call an ambulance. I wrapped my arms tightly around ____'s shaking arms hoping the paramedics would get here quickly.
well i suddenly got his idea this morning when i was trying to go back to sleep so i thought i would put it on the monitor :D please enjoy and sorry for my sad attempt at a swedish accent :iconcryforeverplz:

i do not own hetalia (obviously)
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