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The club would be opening up at 9:00. So that means 5 hours of constant drink making, constant pick up lines, and the occasional sexual harassment. If you did not love this job you would have gone crazy and decked every guy or woman who tried touching you!

All that you really wanted was to go home, see your brothers and laugh while watching Toris play resident evil with natalia. That poor sucker always lost!

Yet alas here you where cleaning glasses, making sure the Alcohol was stacked, making sure everything was spic and span shiny clean. Oh well it was the last day of your 4 day shift then you get 4 days off.

"Hurry up ve have a lot of sings to do."

You looked up to see the perverted boss you have come to know, although something was different. Here was Mr. tough German man with a scar on his face, curly short hair always mostly hidden by his hat. Here was the man that always wore his jeans and muscle shirts trying to pick on you...holding the hand of a little 7 year old.

"Like i dont think a child should be line in this place broski!"

You giggled when you saw the childs devilish smile. Man that kid had balls for trying to give Lutz a hard time.

"Ja ja i know sat but i am not going to leave you at home alone. now come on."

"Dude broski whos like the totally hot chick over there?"

You watched as the boy pointed towards you. Me hot? no way! is all you could think of so there you where holding a glass and clothe looking around. Once you looked back the little boy was on a stool looking at you.

"Oh um hello."

hello....thats really all you could think of when someone called you hot? even if it was....a 7 year old.

"Hello! So you like work for this muscle head?"

You giggled and shook your head in yes as you saw Lutz walk up to you both. Man he looked run down.

"Hi Lutz."

"Ja halo _____."

"Well i never knew you were in the baby sitting business Lutz."

You couldnt help but smile cheekily at your Child hood friend. Although it disappeared when he sat on the stool and planted his face on the counter.

"Nein ____. Sis is Felik's...turns out he's mein son."

You just looked at Lutz and smiled at the little boy.

"Can i get you anything to drink hun? thats age appropriate anyways."

"Um can i get something mixed?."

"Sure thing what would you like?"

"Um gingerale, orange juice, and cranberry."

"OOOo good choice i always make that for myself!"

You smiled at him and saw Lutz eyeing you with his Violet eyes. You turned away and grabbed a glass and poured Gingerale into it so it was half full. Then you looked at the boy and smiled. You grabbed the container you used for the cranberry juice and flipped it in the air, only to catch it on the back of your hand. You then flipped it again in the air and spun around. You grabbed the bottle with your free hand and spun even more, the red liquid flowing perfectly into the glass.
You than flipped the bottle over your shoulder catching it and placing it back in its spot. Then you grabbed the orange juice and made it flip in and on itself, only to be kicked back into your hands. Then you poured the rest while creating the space imbetween the two objects bigger. Then finally you placed the bottle on the counter and handed the Child the glass while putting a straw in it.

"That was like so totally COOL!!!!!!"

"Why thank you Feliks."

You smiled at him and looked at Lutz.

"Show off."

"You betcha Lutz that is why you hired me."

"Ja ja i know....___ can i ask you auf somesing?"

"Ya what is it?"

You leaned on the counter when Lutz sat back up and looked at you. Feliks just sat there drinking his swamp water.

"Can you look after Feliks for sis shift? I have to talk to se lavyers about Feliks case und such."

Your eyebrows furrowed as you saw how flustered Lutz really was.

"Ya i sure can Lutz but i demand and explanation later you hear me!"

"Und vhat do you suggest? me coming to your haus?"

"Ya sure why not. Eduard moved out and Natasha is sleeping over with Toris and Raivis. Im sure they wont mind another friend and besides we can talk it over while they play there video games."

"Games? what sort of games?"

You chuckled when the little boy piped up.

"You know black ops, resident evil stuff like that."

"You seriously let your younger siblings play soughs?"

"Well i tried not too but in the end i lost. They only play them when there finished there chores, home work, and have been outside for more than 5 hours so ya. Although Raivis doesnt play, he sits there and draws with me."

"Vell if its not a problem sen i guess."

"Sweet, well Feliks shall we got to the staff room and get you something to eat? I dont know about you but im hungry."

You smiled when the boy nodded and jumped off the stool soon to be handed his drink by Lutz. You took off your apron and was about too leave till Lutz grabbed your wrist.

"You okay ____? you look raser sin."

You looked at him and saw the worry in his eyes. Lutz never really showed his caring side to anyone.

"Ya im fine."

"You coming?!?"

"Yes yes."

You gave lutz a reassuring pinch of his cheek like how you always did and chased after Feliks.


I watched as they walked away into the staff room. How long has it been since i've known ___? and she was still the same.

I touched my cheek were she pinched me, ya still the same.

"Um Lutz Sir theres an Arthur Kirkland here to see you."

"Ja danke."

I turned to see Alfred carrying a stack of chairs. I watched where he was gesturing with his head and looked past him. Standing there by the door was a rather well dressed man....although even from across the room i could see his Caterpillar eyebrows. They were freakishly huge!!!!


"So Feliks wheres your mom?"

"Off with some other man."

Ouch. You just sat back and watched him colour his drawing. Even though he seemed a lot more knowledgeable for his age you could tell he was forcing it. What ever was going on you could tell it was hard for him.

"What are you drawing Feliks?"

"A pony."

You chuckled and leaned over to see he was right. There on his paper was a pink pony, and it was rather extremely good for a 7 year old.

"You really good at drawing Feliks where did you learn?"

"From a kid at my school."

"Really whats his name?"


You looked at him and started to laugh. Feliks just looked at you eyes wide.

"Like why are you laughing?!? is my picture like that funny looking?!?"

"No no its just your friend might actually be my younger brother."

You smiled and wiped the tear from your eye when he looked away and blushed.

"No whats up Feliks you look like a tomato."

You giggled when his face went even more red. He hid his face in his arms and mumbled something. You leaned in placing your ear right beside him and tried hearing what he said again.

"Sorry i couldnt hear that?"

"I....I like him..."

You just sat back and looked at him. He turned away from you and looked at the ground.

"I know its weird but....i do..."

"Well hun you dont need to explain yourself. When i was 7 i liked Lutz. Sometimes you just learn how to love or like someone a lot faster then most. Like they say when your a child your at your most innocent, so i think liking someone when your younger is just simply the fact thats how your purely feel. And i really dont care whether you like a guy or not, thats just how it is."

"I like girls too!! its just...Toris is different."

"i understand."

"You understand vhat?"

You both turned and looked at Lutz as he brought in a tray of food. Man he had perfect timing.

"Like whats up with the food?"

"Well you guys havnt eaten anysing for 4 hours and im raser hungry as vell."

"So you thought you would bring us something too eh Lutz?"

You giggled when you saw him blush as he placed down the food.



"Well come on in boys."

Outside your apartment was absolutely silent, till you opened the door. In an instant of the door being pushed open, an orchestra of noise flew out of your house.


"Im trying Natasha its hard!!"

"thats because your running with your view looking up."

"What do i do?!?"



~Game Over~

"oh poo."

You chuckled and lead the boys into your house. You three stood there after closing the door trying to take off your boots and coats.

"Well come on Feliks let me introduce you to my Siblings."

You held out your hand and smiled when Feliks clamped onto it tightly. You walked down the hall and turned to the right. Sitting there drawing was Raivis, playing there video games was Toris and Natasha, and the one quietly singing in the Kitchen was most likely Ivan.

"Im home!!"

You smiled when everyone looked at you and came running over and hugging you tightly.

"Welcome home sister!" Said Raivis.

All you could do was smile. You stood up and looked at everyone as Lutz walked into view.

"Guys this is Feliks, he is new around here and i want you to be nice with each other alright."

"Hey Feliks i never knew you lived around here?"

"Like of course i totally do Toris!"

You giggled when Feliks turned from the shy child he was a second ago, to the rambunctious child you saw at the bar.

"Want to come play with us?"


You looked at Lutz and smiled as Feliks ran off with the others into the living room.

"Velcome home _____."

You turned to see your other friend Ivan. You two met because your older brother Eduard and his older sister Yekaterina were married.

"Yes im home. Did you make yourself something to eat?"


"Good now you better get a move on or you will be late for your job."

"Da _____."

You smiled as Ivan hugged you and returned to the kitchen. Ivan was on his own looking after Natasha all by himself. So he found a job at the local mine and worked 4 days on and off. So you arranged it with Lutz that when Ivan worked you stayed home and looked after everyone. Then when you worked Ivan would stay home and look after everyone.

"Well come on Lutz i know its not the first time you've been here."

"Ja but its been a long time. Se last time i vas here vas in highschool."

"Ahh yes the dreaded years."

you giggled and turned around to see Ivan packing up his stuff. You walked over and hugged him tightly kissing his cheek.

"Be safe ya here me!"

"Da i do sister."

"Good. Everyone Ivan's leaving."

You smiled and watched as everyone dropped everything and ran over to Ivan. In a swift second Ivan was attacked by hugs as the kids said bye. You and your family.


There i was talking with ____ like old times. Just laying there in her bed looking at each other. It was really weird, the last time i slept over was in high school. even then i was afraid and couldnt trust myself around her anymore.
Its just....she was so beautiful. Her (_) eyes were always showing her emotions clearly. Her (_) hair was always the perfect length and framed her face effortlessly. Her skin was flawless and showed her faint freckles perfectly on her cheeks... even if there was not that much to show. He body was perfect in my eyes. She was not to thin and had curves, i knew she could lift her own weight and that she could hold up her own. In fact i never really like thin girls....there was nothing you could hold and i was always afraid i would brake them when i hugged them. Yet with ____ i knew my arms wouldnt feel empty, she was perfect.

"So you want to tell me whats going on? When did you find out Feliks was your son?"

I sighed and wrapped my arms around her. ___ was the one i wanted to start a family with but no one really let me get close to her. Sure i had a bad temper and was perverted..i aint going to lie about that one. But still, ___ was different from all those other girls. Those other girls were just there, i didnt care whether i stayed with them or not. Yet when it came to ____. I wanted to treat her the best i could.

"I found out last veek. You remember Anita?"

"Ya i do..."

I cringed when i heard the hatred in her voice, those two never got along.

"Vell she just showed up out auf no vhere saying he vas my son and sat i need to take responsiblity. At first i vas aprehensive but she showed me the birs certificate...i still didnt believe her and ve got DNA tests done...."

"So he's..."

"Ja he really is mein son. At first i didnt vant anysing to do vis all sis but sen i saw how she was treating him. I couldnt help it, i called a lawer und as auf now i am his legal gaurdian. Anita is forbidden to see him...und to sink she is trying to have a child vis her recent boyfriend."

That bitch!!!! not tell me anything about my own son!!! and how she treated him was beyond humain!!! and shes trying to have another child!!!!! She she doesnt

"She doesnt deserve to have kids!"

I looked at ___ shocked when she finished my thought.

"Like i can tell even though Feliks looks fine hes still affected by all of this!"

I was about to ask her to explain till we heard a knock on the door. We both looked to the door only too see her younger brother Raivis poking his head into the room. He had a worried look on his face.


"Yes what is it Raivis?"

"Its Feliks....He's having a nightmare and hes crying..."

Without a second thought both ___ and i were out of bed and hustling out the door, down the hall and into the boys room. There holding onto Feliks was Toris as Feliks held onto Toris for dear life.

"Here i'll take him Toris. Feliks hun its ___ im here."

I watched from the door way as ___ rubbed Feliks shoulder. Slowly Feliks looked at her then grabbed onto her.

"Why did Matka leave?"

I felt my blood boiling in my veins, that bitch!!! All that she did to him!!!

"Because she was not truly a mother Feliks. Now come on i'll rock you too sleep."

I watched as she picked the little polish boy up into her arms. His arms wrapped around her neck as he hid his face.

"Boys go to sleep alright, i'll look after Feliks for tonight."

"Okay sis."


I stepped out into the hall as ___ held onto Feliks with one arm while closing the door with the other. I looked at her and followed her as she walked back to her room. After we entered i closed the door and watched as she sat down in her rocking chair.

"Shhh its okay Feliks, im here okay i wont leave you now shhhh."

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she rocked back and forth. Feliks' crys soon turned to sobs, then hiccups then the room fell silent with only the low creaks of the chair, and Feliks gentle breathes.

If i ever see that woman again...i swear i am willing to go to jail for beating the living shit out of her! Never in my life have i ever felt like hitting a woman but from what i have seen tonight. She has hurt Feliks to much and she deserves what she gets.

"You want to help me up?"

I looked at ___ and almost jumped right off the bed to get to her side. I helped her up as she held Feliks in her arms. I followed her as she carried him to her bed. As soon as she laid him down and joined him i climbed in as well. So there we were lying there with feliks imbetween us. Never in my life have i seen her so ...mother was strange, yet i was nice.



"Marry me."

I looked at her and felt my mouth fall ajar...did she just sat marry me?!?

"I know its rather...straight forward but i have loved you since we were kids and i want to help look after Feliks. So will you marry me?"

i couldnt help but laugh, the one thing i wanted to say for how long now and she beat me to it.

"Ja ___ i vill marry you. Its just veird sough."


"After how many years auf trying to ask you, you beat me to it."

I chuckled when her face turned to the colour of roses, she was truly beautiful.

"Well good thing i said something huh."


I came closer to her and kissed her forehead then i gave her my devilish grin.

"But im raser quite se dominating person so dont expect to be let off se hook so easily vhen you say no to vhat i ask. I dont vant anyone to have you besides myself. So be prepared mein katzchen."

I chuckled as she looked at me and raised her eyebrow. She leaned in and kissed me soflty then laid her head back against the pillow.

"Well Mr Dominatrix i wont promise anything because i can be quite the free spirited. So your going to have to do all you can to keep me around."

I laid down and pulled her closer along with Feliks and rested my forehead against hers.

"Ve'll see about sat Katzchen after are  going to be a family soon. Und i vant 3 kids, all boys."

"ppfftt like that will happen."

I chuckled and brought Feliks closer to me. Even though i was the toughest guy around and everything and everyone pissed me off, only ____ and now Feliks saw the side no one did. Maybe im growing soft or i hit my head some where along the lines but all that i can say is that Feliks was the perfect accident and for once im grateful to someone.
i was inspired by my friend :iconostara-frost: 's story with france and matthew being your son so i decided to wright a story that i have been thinking of for awhile now. Im really glad that frost wrote her story because i would have most likely never put this one up. i tried making Lutz more caring towards you since your childhood friends and such. I also put some of my recent experins' in here as well. im not a mommy or getting married but some of these topics happened to my friend.

anyways enjoy.

i do not own hetalia but the plot is my own.
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