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March 28, 2013
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I slowly opened my eyes and felt the warmth i fell asleep against  was no longer there. Where in the blazes was that woman!
I stretched out my legs and back letting out a silent yawn. Sitting down i looked around and saw Emil placed upon her vacant pillow.

Its been 2 months since i found out that she was a mercenary and i was starting to get more and more worried. Sure it was a shock that i entrusted my little brother to the hands of a killer but...i couldnt help but trust her.

Recently she has been sleeping less and less. Some nights i would find her sitting on her window sill looking out into the world she could not see. I could tell she was worried, scared yet she kept a strong smile upon her face.

I found it rather foolish really, she should be crying, scared, running for her life...yet she's going to face the end with a smile on her face. Barely braking a sweat. It scared me...did i dare say even if i was a feline?i really wish that i wasnt. i wanted to be human, i wanted to hold her, protect her just like how i did to my brother.

yet all i could do was sit around waiting for the inevitable.

I lumbered my way over to my brother until i heard something down stairs. My fur rose as i heard things that were not normal. ___ could not possibly be here, if she was she would have called us. Also i know far to well if the others are here but this was different.



i hushed my brother quickly as i jumped off of the bed. I padded my way silently down the stairs and around the house. I froze and felt my hair raise even more as i hissed. There standing in the kitchen placing a box on the table were 2 men dressed in black.

"Shit buddy look."

both men looked at me as i hunched down preparing to scratch there eyes out. Then my ears perked as all of us turned to the door. Some where in the building we could hear ___ squealing and then that loud mouths voice came into range as well.

"Shit there coming get out!!"

before i could do anything the two burglars were running out of the apartment, closing the door behind them.

"Brother are they gone?"


without looking at my brother i jumped onto the table and looked at the package. I could hear Emil struggle climbing up the chair to the table top but he managed.

"What is it?"

"i dont know Emil but i have a bad feeling about this."

I leaned close to the box as i smelt something off about it. As soon as my nose touched the brown paper a bright green light exploded through out the kitchen, launching Emil and i onto the floor.


You squealed as Matthias heaved you onto his shoulder and walked you up the sets of stairs. Once you made it to the top he placed you down laughing.

"now that was faster huh?"

You chuckled and punched his arm lightly. You've known Matthias ever since you were 5 years old. You two grew up together, been through a lot together, and became mercenaries together. You were the best of the best and you could easily say he was your brother. well half brother that is.

You grabbed Matthias' hand and started to swing it back and forth as you walked down the hallway to your apartment. Before you could register what was going on, it sounded like 2 sets of footsteps were running down the hall. Then something hit your shoulder hard, almost knocking you to your feet.


you grumbled as Matthias helped stabilize you back onto your feet.

"How rude!"

You grabbed Matthias' hand and continued down the hallway. You were getting close to your apartment till your nose alerted your instincts. Something smelt off. It was rather sweet smelling, completely different from what the apartment building on this side smelt like.

"Hold up matthias."

You held up your hand stopping him. Soon your walking stick was clicked together and it was in your hands, ready to strike.
You and Matthias advanced to your apartment quietly. Once you made it to the door you and Matthias staid on the side of the wall, your hand gently pressing against the door. To your dismay the door gently opened, letting a smoke/fog escape your house.

"you okay? Here wrap this around you."

You heard someone speaking inside and advanced. You heard them gasp in shock as you located were they were. With a swing of your cane you heard someone grunt trying to dogde your attack. Sadly for them they dodged down hard, earning your fist into there gut. For a blind girl you werent half bad.

"_____! WAIT WAIT ITS US!!!"

You turned to the second voice and was about to attack until the man you hit tackled you to the ground the best he could.

"Frick woman calm down its us!!"


you started to hit him till you felt another pair of hands hold down your own.

"_____ its Lukas and I please calm down."

wait 'Lukas and I'!!! you just stopped struggling what so ever.



You just laid there and looked towards the ceiling.

"Matthias is this true?"

You turned when you heard your brother slide down the wall, his breath was shallow from shock.

"Sis....he's wearing Lukas' hair clip...and they both have the ribbons you gave them."

You felt your breathe hitch up into your throat. these two men were your cats?


You flinched when you felt one hand lift up off your wrist and gently place itself on your cheek. What were you going to do now?


I sat there across from my brother Lukas and my owner ____. Its been a whole hour after we explained what happened and she was till just sitting there, not saying anything. I was starting to get worried.
I got up from my spot on the chair i usually sat in and walked over to her, blanket wrapped around my waist.


I sat down beside her and watched as she flinched. I panicked and placed my head on her should and grabbed onto her arm.

"please dont be afraid."

I felt the tears well up in my eyes as i clutched her arm more. Will she get rid of us now.

"please dont cry Emil."

i looked up in shock as her hand rubbed my head and scratched behind my ear. I watched as her gentle smile looked at me as her fingures found my face, wiping away my tears.

"But arnt you afraid of us, arnt you going to get rid of us now?"

"jeeze i think for a bit and this is what everyone thinks. No no i am not why would i get rid of the two...people i love the most."

I gasped when she hugged me and flipped me over so i was laying on her lap. I couldnt help but smile and hug her back. To think after how many times she would hold me like this i can finally respond back.

"Well i found you two some clothes."

"really what did you find them Matthias?" ____ asked him.

i looked up and saw what he was holding.

"Um that sailor suite of yours and the brown and white outfit. Well this is the only things that can fit you guys that is."

I got up and eyed the clothes as they were placed on the couch. I watched as Lukas picked up the blue outfit as i looked at the brown one.

"Well go on you two go try them on alright."

I smiled gently as ____ patted my back. With that we both took off towards the bathroom and or bedroom.


"well i am off to bed."

"alright goodnight."

I looked up and watched as my little brother walked off in the night wear ____ gave him. So now it was just ____ and I sitting on the couch.
We sat there for a bit till we heard the bed room door close, then i took a deep breath and rested against the back of the couch.


i looked out the corner of my eye at ____ as she turned her body to look at me.


"you wont leave me will you? you know...knowing what i am and all."

I just sighed and shook my head.

"No no i wont."


I looked at her as her head was hung low, as she played with her fingures. To think the one thing i wished for and it came true. now what do i do?



"can i feel your face? i want to know what you look like."


I gently took her hands in my own as i guided them to my face. I sat there patiently as her fingures gently took in every curve of my face, it was like her fingures were molding me from clay. So delicate, determined, gentle.

"Wow your beautiful Lukas."

I looked at her and felt my breathe hitch in my throat. There she was sitting there crying. I didnt know what to do so i just wrapped her in my arms.

"please dont cry."

"you have no idea how worried i was about you!! i was worried you were going to be hurt yet i ended up hurting you!!"

i just looked at and shook my head placing it on her own.

"Dont say that."

"why not!"

"because i am supposed to tell you that i was worried about you."
yay part 2 :D now i am going to draw =w=

i own nothing but the plot.
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