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March 6, 2013
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your a dude so give yourself a dude name!!

Well now wasnt today a so called 'peach'. First you fall out of bed and get a bleeding nose, then your room mate Arthur almost tried burning down your house. The water all of a sudden turned freezing cold, your boss yelled non stop at you for a mistake you didnt do. Then on your way to Alfreds house you got splashed by a car so now your pant legs were freezing wet and mudy. Then some Italian kid hit you with a snow ball. Now here you where in front of Alfreds door, grumpy as hell.

"Dude what happened to ya?"

"Shut up."

You pushed your way through Alfreds front door and dropped everything on the floor. You kicked your shoes off, took off your coat, now you where taking off your soaked pants....biggest mistake ever.


"Oh my gosh dude!! you okay?"

Thanks to the hard wood floor, you now had another bleeding nose.

"I just want to find a hole and die in it Al..."

You grumpled and sat back up. There standing looking at you shocked was Alfred. In a split second he took a dash to the bathroom; you could hear him cussin' as things started to fly around. Soon he was back at your side wiping your nose clean.

"Hate to say this bud but you might have to get a new suite, or pay an expensive bill at least."

You looked at him and cocked an eyebrow. Following his gaze you saw the reason for such a comment, your work clothes were drenched and stained the red colour.


you could feel the tears start to clog up your eyes, man this day sucked.

"Dude come on i got some clothes you can wear, so strip down to your boxers bro."

You just looked at him and blushed. You liked Al for how long now?


you got up and took off your suite coat, then your vest, then your shirt, you just walked out of your pants since they were already around your ankles.

"Well come on."

You followed him through the living room then up the stairs. A couple turns and several doors later you were in his room. Typical. Captain America poster on the far right accompanying the Avengers and Iron man. Comic books all lined perfectly on the shelf. Computer that was surrounded by movies and the shelves around it covered in model planes. Then there was his Foot ball jersey hanging on his wall, his American flag right beside it. And then there was his bed and dresser, a complete mess, even his guitar had clothes draped on it.

"i see everything is still the same."

"Hmm what do you mean by that?"

You just watched him as he whipped clothes out of his drawers and onto the bed.

"I moved here from Canada how long ago?"

"Ya so what does that have to do with whatchya said before?"

"We met in high school Al, your room is still the fricken same except for the posters and the fact you have more planes."

"Well if i remember your room is exactly the same but with a rugby shirt, a set of drums, and models that are not just planes. Like you have that German Foker model, the one that red dude had."

"Its the Red Baron Al."

"Ya that guy. anyways here."

You gasped and fell backwards when a mass of something went flying at your face. Great just peachy.

"OH MY GOD!!! ___!!!! you okay?!?"

You just laid there grumbling to yourself. Please let this day get better?


"You feeling better?"

You looked at Alfred from your caccoon of blankets on the couch. Thankfully dinner went splendidly, Alfred made a change for you and cooked you both spaghetti. You shook your head and turned back to the tv.
Alfred sure did know you well. Even though you were a guy he knew you had your limits. The last time you cried in front of him was right after some guys tried beating you up, all because you were from the great white north. You fought them off and Alfred helped you but you couldnt take it. You broke down and cried.

"Well here eat up."

You looked up to see the tub of ice cream, it was mint cookie dough. your favorite.


You grabbed the medium sized tub and one of the spoons, opening it you smiled when you sat a caramel smily face drawn on the ice cream. You looked over at Alfred and smiled.

"I know what your like when you upset so you better eat that and kick some zombie ass with me. Also please share."

You looked at him and smiled the biggest you have smiled in a long time. You scooped up a bit of ice cream and pointed it towards Alfred. He looked at you and bit down on the spoon.

"Tha' shutff ish 'ood."

"Dont eat with your mouth! you'll spit ice cream every where."

He looked at you and shook his head with a smile.

~beep beep~

you looked at your jacket and saw a light coming from under your shirt.

~bbbzzzt bzzzttt.~

Al and yout turned to see his phone buzzing away on the table. You went to grab yours while All flipped open his phone. You walked back to his side on the couch and checked your messages.

-Look at who's old clothes i found!!!!-

There under the message was a picture of your friend Victoria. There she was smiling at the camera showing off her messed up peace sign. Her hair was pulled to the one side flowing over her left shoulder. She was wearing priest clothes.

"Who in the worlds clothes are those?"

Both you and Alfred started to text back you message. Soon your phones went off again.

-There Gilberts!!!!-

You both sat there in silence then burst out laughing. That bad ass of a rugby player had priest clothes?

"pppfffttttt oh my gosh that is to funny!!!!"

You shook your head in agreement when you heard Alfred burst out in his weird loud laugh again. After 10 minutes of laughing you both settled down and wiped the tears from the corner of your eyes.

"Man who would have known huh?"

"I know like i met those two from our rugby team, Gilby doesnt looked like he'd be giving mass at a church."

You both sat there as you ate some of the ice cream.

"Hey ____ dude."

You looked at him, spoon in your mouth.

"What ish it?"

"And you said i should talk with my mouth full."

You gave him the 'eyes' as you took another mouth full of ice cream.

"I dont shpit like you."

"Now thats mean."

"its the truth."

You smiled when you saw his bright one.

"Anyways dude can i ask you something?"

"Ya sure what?"

"you have bad luck dont you?"

You looked at him and sighed. It was no hidden secret, your days were usually bad. Although today was bad.

"ya so?"

"Well um...can i....can i..."

You looked at him and rose an eyebrow, he was as red as the stripes on his beloved flag.

"What is it Al?"

"Can i be your hero?"

You looked at him and almost dropped the ice cream bucket. Alfred chuckled and took the bucket and placed it on the coffee table. He looked at you with his bright blue eyes as he smiled gently at you. In an instant you grabbed his shirt collar and smashed his lips to yours.

You pulled back and saw his socked expression as his glasses sat lopsided on his face.

"its about time!!!"

He looked at you and smiled kissing you back gently.

"dont you know I'll only kiss you when its dangerous?"

"Well Captain America you better grabbed some chap stick because your lips are always going to be mine!"
yay i got my ideas out :D I got the priest clothes from a drawing I did and the lyrics Alfred says at the end is by eight seconds and the song title is kiss you when it's dangerous. It's another idea I had for this story :)

please enjoy.

i do not own hetalia but victoria and the plot are my own.
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