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February 17, 2013
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Its been 5 years since that day you had to cut Matthews hair and things were getting tough. You where finishing up your last year of your 4 year course in university. Not only did you take graphic design at the university but you also took illustration and contemporary. You also took business courses at night at the local institute along with your parkour lessons ever weekend and wensday. Not only were you stalked to the brim with schooling but you also had to work the night shift at the local mill. needless to say you did not even know how you got the time to help look after your house with Angie and Arthur or call Matthew.

So needless to say you were more then ecstatic to see Matthew after 2 months since his last visit. Yet alas you where sick.

"Love how are you feeling today?"

You turned around from facing the back of the couch to see his bushy eyebrows.

"i feel better Artie but i still feel like crap."

You closed your eyes in bliss as Arthurs cold fingures wrapped around your sweaty forehead. For the past week you have had a raging fever and you have been throwing up. you wouldnt even dare look at food let alone taste it. The constant taunt of throwing up was to great.

"Well Angie left to go meet and pick up the boys so they should be back in an hour. You want me to grab you anything?"

You grunted and sat up with the help of Arthur. At first it was just you and Angie but then you guys started to get behind in bills. You posted a wanted add for another room mate and Arthur called an hour later. That was 3 years ago and now he was like Angie and your's older brother, well bisexual brother.

"Just help me get dressed Artie. I need to look alright for when Matt gets hear."

Your eyes closed shut as the light blinded you. All that you could hear was Arthur sighing then you felt him lift you up bridal style. Your breath came out in short hottied pants as he walked you to the bathroom. He placed you down on the toilet and started the shower.

"Love you need to get undressed."

You just sat there swaying with your eyes closed as you tried to keep from falling asleep. You opened your eyes when you felt your shirt being tugged up and over your head. Arthur helped stand you up and pulled your shorts and socks off.

"You can do the rest. Now dont fall asleep in the shower. I will grab some clothes for you and place them on the toilet. Now hurry up."

You grunted and watched as Arthur walked out of the bathroom closing the door. When you turned around you scrunched up your nose.
Your bathroom was a sickly white. The only colour it had was the blue strip of tiling against the white walls. You couldnt do anything about it since you were renting but still, there was way to much white.


"So she's been sick for this whole week?"

I looked back to see the three guys following me around the house along the path. It was nice to see all of them and Matthew cut his hair just for ___, yet i was worried about my friend.

"Ya she doesnt even want to look at water let alone food. she has a fever but thats it. She doesnt have all the symptoms for the flew and such but im still worried."

"So frau you left her alone at home sick?"

I eyed my prussian boyfriend and gave him the death glare. After how long we have been dating he didnt know me.

"You seriously think i am that sadistic? gosh and i thought you knew me."

I smiled as i heard him trying to explain himself. it was so much fun picking on him.

"Well here we are boys."

I walked down the stairs that led to our basement suite. We walked in and we all threw are boots, shoes and jackets every where along with there suitcases and such.

"Welcome to the humble abode Francis. Go down the hallway and turn to the right you will be in the living room. If you go into the other hallway you should be in the kitchen, Artie should be there."

"Zank you Angie."

"no problem."

I watched with a smile on my face as the French man wondered off to find his lover. It was rather interesting Francis was so open with affection and yet Arthur was really concealed about it.

"HI ARZUR!!!!!!!"



i grinned when i heard ____'s crazy laugh, it some how reminded me of Arthurs little brother Alfred. Yet more controlled and not as obnoxious.

"Well glad to hear she can still laugh."

I looked and saw Matthew. i smiled at him and nudged his shoulder turning my head towards the kitchen. I watched as Matthew walked thru the house hold till i could hear and excited squeal.

"Now i can get some alone time vith you mein fraulien."

I chuckled as Gilbert hugged me from behind. what to do what to do.


I walked thru the house hold and walked into the kitchen. There was Francis with Arthur on his lap and my precious ___ was sitting beside them giggling.

"Well glad to see you havnt keeled over yet."

Her beautiful (_) eyes met my own and she ran over to me squealing. I wrapped my arms around her and slowly turned her in a circle. Its been a whole two months since i last say my boyish girlfriend. Two whole months of not seeing her smile, two whole months of not being able to touch her, two whole months of boring!

"Careful Matt she might throw up on you."

I looked at Arthur and placed ___ back on her two feet again. I bent down and placed my forehead to hers and grimaced. Her forehead was over heating, in fact it was the hottest i have ever felt it before. This was deffienently not the flu.

"Your temps really high why havnt you gone to the doctors?"

I looked down at her and saw the fear in her eyes.

"You know im a...afraid...oh god."

I watched as she ran off towards the bathroom, in a couple seconds i heard the rest.


I turned and saw Angie walking into the kitchen heading straight for the bathroom. I followed after her only to see ___ sitting there crying.

"Hey there chika-dee."

"An *hic* Angie this sucks!!!"

"well its better to worship the toilet then sit on the throne."

I couldnt help but laugh at Angie's statement. Although i regretted it, both women looked at me with death glares as i stood there. Angie got up and pulled me into the bathroom.

"Look after her while i go get some medicine k Mounty man."

"Ya i can."

"Good. Chika-dee you have my cell number if you need to call me."

"Okay Angie."

I watched as she walked away, soon i could hear her tell gilbert she was leaving then gilbert complained. The door soon was opened and two pairs of shoes shuffled out of the house then the door closed again.

"You cut your hair again."

I turned to see ___ leaning against the tiled wall then plant her head on my shoulder. I just sat there and held her hand as i held her close to me.

"ya Francis cut it for me, although he almost cut off my curl."

"hehe that would have been horrible."


"because i would be down here and watching the news. the main cast would be titled 'crazed horny canadian man running around naked chasing after a french man."

I looked at her and bursted out laughing holding her closer to me as i pecked her forehead. Oh god i loved my tomb boy of a girlfriend. she always spoke what was on her mind and didnt really care who was around, although she was more lady like in public when she needed to be. But she was still the same woman i fell in love with.


Its been 5 days since the boys showed up and its been hell. While Arthur and Francis went around town Angie and Gilbert stayed in her room playing video games, watching movies, and going to home base while you had to sit there trying not to throw up.

So now here you were sitting at your table in Matthews arms as Angie read the province.

"You sure you wont come with us Katzchen?"

You looked over to see Gilbert putting on a formal vest over his black and white striped long sleeved shirt.

"ya Gilby i am going to stay here with ___ you go out with the guys."

You sat there and felt Matthew hold onto you more. If he kept that up your glass of water was going to return for a second round.

"I can stay with ___ Angie."

You looked up at Matthew and gave him the best smile you could muster. Now matter how much you wanted him here you didnt want him to see you like this. You felt incredibly weak.

"No you will go out with the boys and besides i need some girl time with ____."

"Love your girl time consists of video games, contact sports, or violent movies along with tons of chocolate and pop."

"Hey Artie dont diss our woman time!!"

You looked at him and pointed your fingure at him giving him the stink eye.

"Ya arty woman time is always important time!!! and besides i have some things to discuss with her."

You looked at Angie wondering what she could possibly want to talk about. maybe it dealt with Gilbert?!?

"Well ___ its up to you."

You looked up to see his violet eyes. Thats when you felt it...all the pressure and stares where on you now. shit nervousness!

"i..i think....bathroom!"

You clutched are mouth and practically crawled over Matthews lap and ran straight for the bathroom. You just made it in time. yup there was your glass of water.
You sat there clutching the toilet crying like always...this sucked. You tried to get your breathe as you felt someone pull your hair out of your face and rub the back of your neck. you turned a little bit to see Angie's honey brown eyes looking at you with worry.

"Thanks....oh god."

frick how long was this flu going to last you?!?

After a couple more minutes of making sure you were fine Angie helped you hobble out of the Bathroom. Sitting there was Gilbert and Matthew looking rather worried. Soon to join you guys was Francis and Arthur.

"you doing okay babe."

You looked and saw Matthew walking over to you.

"Ya im fine i have Angie. you guys go out experience the night life have some man to man fun. Well G rated fun."

You could hear Angie trying to stifle her laugh as she tried to avoid Arthur and Francis' stares. Oh god you loved her, this was why she was your best friend. She was just as dirty minded as you and just as forward.

"You sure love?"

"Ya Arthur im sure you guys go out have fun."

You looked and saw the worried look on Matthews face. it hurt but you didnt want to see him like this.

"Its okay Matthew i can look after her."

"You sure?"

"Gosh yes Mattie now go before i kick you out!! gotta play my video games with my chick friend ya know!"

You gave Matthew the best smile you could muster as you tried to convey that you will be alright.

After what seemed like an eternity you and Angie some how managed to claim the house for yourselves. Although you planned to relax you found yourself dry heaving in the bathroom again. Oh god you hated these white walls now.

"Hun i am going out, i think i might now what the cause is for all this."

"okay okay go grab it quickly please and can you grab me a slushie?"

"ya sure what flavor?"


"k see you in 20."

I smiled weakly as Angie grabbed her truck keys and jog out of the house. She was a good friend.

You sat there and looked down. EEwww your hair tips were gross. This damned long hair it always got into your way, it drove you crazy just like these stupid white walls!!
After a couple minutes you had enough. You crawled over to the sink and pulled open the drawers. Finally you found Angies salon scissors and grabbed them from there case. You stood up and looked into the mirror.

No more shall this hip length hair of yours get in the way!!! You growled at your reflection and grabbed the first fist full of hair.


then the next.


After a couple minutes your hair was expertly cut and fell just a tad but past your shoulders. You hair had excellent layers and was ten times lighter and cooler. You sighed in relief as you cleaned up your mess.

"Chika-dee im home!!"

You turned with a smile on your face as Angie walked to in front of the hallway, slushie in hand with a bag in the other.

"wow Chika you look good."

"It was driving me crazy so i cut it all off!!!!"

"I can see that anyways heres your cup."

You pouted as Angie handed you the smaller one of the two, yet she handed you the bag as well.

"I recon you know how to use those so get to drinken' and pissin'"

pissin? what did she....

"You have got to be kidding me Angie."

"No im not not get to work."

You looked after her dumbfounded as she closed the bathroom door. You placed your drink on the sink and peered into the bag. Sitting there was at least 10 boxes with 10 pregnancie tests in each. She didnt expect you to pee on all 100 did she?


You sat there completely in shock. You only did 10 tests and all of them came out positive. You did one from each box...this cant be happening.

"Chika-dee hows it going."

You walked over to the door in a daze and opened the door. Angie looked up at your worried as she walked in. She saw all the tests and looked back you at you.

"You want me to call the boys?"


You walked out of the bathroom and headed down the hall to your room. Angie followed you and watched as you laid down in your bed, back to the door.

"Is there anything i can get you?"

"Grilled cheese with pickles please and another slushee. Those are the only things i can seem to eat."

"Alright hun."

You laid there in a daze as you heard Angie scrambling around. You grabbed your pillow and hugged it tightly as tears fell down your cheeks. You laid there thinking about what matt would think. Then you could hear Angie whispering.

"Look can you put Matthew on the line."
"Because Gilbert i said so."
"Why? it has to deal with _____."

you cringed as she yelled into the phone. She never said such things to Gilbert, you must have really worried her.

"Sorry about that baby but can you put him on the line....k thanks."
"Matthew its Angie um you should come home."
"She's pregnant. also can you bring back a slushee?"
"why oh its because its the only thing that she can keep down, well besides grilled cheese."
"k see you in a few."



You laid there about to fall asleep till your door opened letting in a bright beam of light into your dark room.
You just stayed there and listened as someone walked around to your bed side. The person placed something onto the side table and brushed a piece of hair out of your face.

"What did you do to your hair?"

You just turned around so your back was to Matthew. You could hear him sigh and sit down onto your bed side, his hand rubbed your shoulder.

"Angie told me."

You just laid there for awhile till you sat up and looked at him. You saw his gentle smile and tired violet eyes as he brought you into a hug. You twisted your body so your legs where behind his back, yet your head was resting on his chest as you hugged him tightly crying. Matthew sat there patting and rubbing your head and back. He whispered soft gentle i love yous and its going to be okay's.
After awhile your sobs soon turned to hiccups then rythmatic breathes.

"Are you going to leave me?"

"hehe now why would i do that?"


"well babe we have been together for 5 years now. if i were to leave you think i would have down that awhile ago."

you thought about it and gave a grunt in embarasment your cheeks going ablaze.

"well my darling ___ will you marry me?"

You looked up into matthews violet eyes and saw the truth in them. A smile crossed your lips as you hugged him tightly and kissed him. Thank gosh Angie made you brush your teethe after awhile.

You giggled as Matthew crawled over you and claimed his spot on the bed. He drew you close to him and snuggled with you, his hand on your stomach. How good could this get?
well my friend Frost said i should do a part two so tada :D enjoy.

i do not own hetalia but i drew the preview image and the plot is my own.
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